About VisaPlex©

Our mission is to make immigration as easy as possible for applicants, their families, employers, sponsors and all those involved in a visa application. 
Immigration in New Zealand has become very complex and changes very quickly, at very short notice; that's why we believe that the key to maximize the chances of a successful outcome, is to make the complex very simple.
No matter how difficult your immigration issue is, we will make it simple for you. Let's work together.  
Why VisaPlex©

Our Company

We offer leading expertise in temporary and residence visas for New Zealand. 

Major Benefits

We are fast, friendly and affordable.  We listen and create solutions for you. 

Our Services

Whether you want us to fully represent you or just give you a hand, we have a service for you. 

Professional Delivery

We get it!,  we are up to date with technology and migration changes, 
VisaPlex© Immigration 

Forward Thinking

We are at the forefront of immigration changes and continue evolving while having our clients at the center of our services. 

Industry Experience

More than 15 years experience in NZ Immigration, plus a highly qualified team working around the clock to ensure your success. 

Fully Certified

Our lead adviser is fully licensed by the  Immigration Advisers Authority (200900809) .

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